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These discussion forums are intended for Haliburton Forest customers and friends to communicate among each other, and with Haliburton Forest staff.

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Welcome to the Haliburton Forest Forums. These forums are currently mainly intended for Lease Holders of Haliburton Forest to exchange information - among each other, and with Haliburton Forest staff.

To register, please provide your name and site information under Profile for easy identification and quick approval. After registering for a new account: Check your Spam folder if you didn't receive your password. It may take a few days until we can check your registration and confirm you as a leaseholder. Only after your account is approved will you be able to see the Leaseholder forum. Please note that password and user names are case sensitive !

For any technical issues or requests please send an email to webmaster@haliburtonforest.com.

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Username Title Posts Registered
TeddyProud Banned 0 2017-01-05
Tgif Member 0 2018-09-24
The Captain Lease Holder 0 2014-12-15
TheFraserWalkers Lease Holder 0 2014-11-22
thomasf2220 Banned 1 2016-11-11
thoyuche Banned 0 2016-10-27
timdeg Lease Holder 0 2015-05-07
tk@kellylake Lease Holder 0 2016-12-21
tlegge Moderator 3 2016-10-04
tobybrown Lease Holder 0 2014-11-27
trailertrix Lease Holder 4 2014-11-22
trredden Lease Holder 0 2018-08-03
Turfwrench Lease Holder 59 2015-06-28
turtle Lease Holder 0 2014-11-29
uhcstaffing123 Banned 0 2019-07-25
Ukdissertationhelp Banned 1 2019-12-07
upperwolf Lease Holder 1 2015-06-29
Urorazid Banned 0 2019-12-25
ve8h1lb Banned 0 2019-12-26
VeolaMenen Banned 0 2017-02-06
VK Lease Holder 0 2019-06-23
wallybell Lease Holder 0 2014-11-25
webtechcoupons Banned 0 2019-08-05
weedpackbeyond Member 0 2018-12-23
Whiteyandwanda Lease Holder 0 2015-06-29
wildcatwomenAP Lease Holder 0 2018-01-01
Wildlifer Lease Holder 0 2014-11-23
wildwood Lease Holder 0 2014-11-24
woodwedding Member 0 2019-11-14
Woody Lease Holder 0 2014-11-23
yashkaushab Banned 0 2019-09-27
youcalendars Banned 0 2019-04-22
Zare Lease Holder 75 2014-11-23

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