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These discussion forums are intended for Haliburton Forest customers and friends to communicate among each other, and with Haliburton Forest staff.

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Welcome to the Haliburton Forest Forums. These forums are currently mainly intended for Lease Holders of Haliburton Forest to exchange information - among each other, and with Haliburton Forest staff.


1. Select 'Register' at the top of the screen and follow registration steps. Please note that password and user names are case sensitive! You will not create a password at this time.
2. A temporary password will be sent to your email. Make sure you check your Junk or Spam if it does not show up in your inbox.
3. Log in using the temporary password sent to the email you provided.
4. Fill out your name and site information under Profile for easy identification and quick approval.

*** It may take a few days until we can check your registration and confirm you as a leaseholder. Only after your account is approved will you be able to see the Leaseholder forum.

For any technical issues or requests please send an email to webmaster@haliburtonforest.com.

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